April 23, 2023

City Update (SDC)


Time for a 'City update.  The parking lot project continues with new parking lines painted on the paid parking area.  It is nice to see the entire lot is now completely paved with asphalt.

The line painting is making its way to the free lot next as a good portion of that lot is now paved with asphalt as well near the top of the hill (they are still working at expanding the lot at the bottom of the hill near the condos)

A nice change is this new sidewalk that effectively separates the drive to the main gate from the parking lots.  Those purchasing paid parking now exit near where they entered the lot.  No more exiting near the SDC logo sign from this lot

The train is back at the 'City and is once again transporting guests around the park

We noticed that some jokes had changed and a few had been completely taken out.  There is no long any mention of the "old wreck" and that prop has been completely removed from the loop.

Finally Fried Fancies is getting closer to being ready to open

Fences are complete, soda machines are installed...

Tables and chairs have been placed in the covered dining area

The new facility looks great and will be a nice addition to the 'City

We are hearing that it should open on Thursday May 4th

Finally, they have broken ground on the new Furniture Store and it appears that foundations are in the process of being poured