April 22, 2023

World Update (WOF)



Welcome to the a new season at Worlds of Fun. 
First up, there is a new Chaperone Policy

The restrooms outside the the gates has been redone

Really like the details they have added to the fence along the walk to the main gate

Time to head into the actual park

Again the details they have added are amazing

50th logo signs on the supports around the main stage

I really like the look of the 50th logo

They have painted the control booth a different color scheme and have added shutters

Plaza Gifts received a new color scheme and a new sign

Some of the 50th logo merchandise

Some more new merchandise

Norma's and Gateway Pizza 

Really like the sign they've added inside

The dining area has had lights added and other details

A stove has been added to the far corner of the dining area

They added the word Pizzeria on this side of the restaurant

The bathrooms in the area received a new color scheme and sign