April 22, 2023

World Update pt6 (WOF)



Heading into Americana now.  Some nice details on the Airbrush stand

The Arcade is back where is should have been from the start

Nostalgia overload seeing it back in this location

Timber Wolf Games has a new look

Timber Wolf is still waiting on its marquee sign

Timber Wolf is sporting a new orange look on its trains this season.  In addition, they replaced a lot of wood at the top of the lift hill and the start of the first drop

They have removed three kiddie rides up in Planet Snoopy

They were the boat ride, beetle bumps and a car ride.  Not really a huge loss

Front Street Shops received a major makeover this off season

Love the new bell tower

Star Fountain Plaza continues to fill in each season as the trees mature

Some new color schemes and details over on these buildings

Such a nice looking area

This is now the Coca-Cola Filling Station

Love the addition of the gas pumps and the car

Cotton Blossom is still the best place to eat in the park

Patriot's Landing received new paint

Skyliner was still down this weekend