April 22, 2023

World Update pt3 (WOF)



Heading into Africa.  Almost every building in this section has been repainted

Serengeti Station will be the new home to the "Fowl Play" show this summer

The stage is in the process of being built and seating should be installed soon

They have done a lot of themed painting on the buildings in this section

New sign and details on the restroom

More details added to Zulu

Some new detail work has been done on Prowler's station

New light posts and detailing on the fence

Detailing on the fence and on the walls

Major pavement work done on the bridge

I never grow tired of this view.  Such cool details

New light posts and benches at G'rilla Grill

Major upgrade in paint scheme and sign

The restaurant has a new cafeteria style set up and they have changed the register and drink station set up as well

More details on the sides of the restaurant

The gorilla is still there, just in a new location

Moroccan Merchant received a major theme upgrade on its façade 

Really like the rugs

It is amazing how much better this place looks

Safari Trading Company is the new Zinger exit store

Its façade also received major upgrades

I am sure that there will be lots of plants in this area soon

The show is really nice and has some high quality items

Those doors lead to Zinger's exit

These were some of the more interesting things available for purchase

The gaming area has also been redone with new paint schemes

Boomerang received a new canvas tent for the station.

The big surprise is that the train for Boomerang is now blue

Amazing how those two small changes can make all the difference on the coaster fitting into the area

Heading into the Egypt section

Love the look of the fences and what they did to the underpass

The new look for the Oasis

I like how they have subdivided the African section into 3 different zones

In case you haven't heard, the path between Detonator and Mamba is no longer open to guests

Coasters is now Sand Dune Diner and is still in the process of receiving its outside themed update

Restrooms look great with the new detailing

Upgrades on the walls here

Look how awesome they are

Themed details on Mamba Photo

Crate boxes added to the Mamba plaza area

Monsoon is still standing for now - it is slated to be removed

Time to head into Europa