April 8, 2023

Skyland Ranch


Welcome to Skyland Ranch, one of the newest entertainment complexes in the Smokies

The complex features the Horizon Chairlift which takes you up to the entertainment complex at the top of the hill.  There you can find live music, boutiques, a petting zoo and some spectacular views.

We were there for a different reason though, the Wild Stallion Mountain Coaster

I'm sure you are thinking the same thing that we are, another mountain coaster?  How many does an area need?  Well the answer is apparently at least one more (and from what we have heard there are at least two more in construction / planning stages at different venues in the area)

This is being billed at the longest mountain coaster in the southeast

The coaster is broken up into two parts.  You start with a lift, then you coast, then another lift and then the final coast back to the station

The ride ends with this impressive helix right before the final brakes

I'm actually still climbing on the initial lift.  The platform on the right is part of the Skyland Ranch area at the top of the Horizon Chairlift

The entire first coasting part of the ride is over there

Climbing the second lift before the second coasting part

Here is the final brake and station.
Overall we had a great time on our two laps.  We would rank this as probably our third favorite in the area.  Definitely worth a stop when in the region