April 1, 2023

Park Update (SFSTL)


Lots of changes have taken place around the park.  First up is this new pavement in the front mall area

Here you can see how far they got.  I would imagine they'll continue the process next week

Restrooms at the front entrance are being renovated (both inside the gate and outside in the entrance plaza).  Plan accordingly

New and improved snack stands on both sides of the gate in the front mall

Here's the other one

The main store in the front mall is undergoing a renovation

They have consolidated the registers into a central bank

The eastern portion of the store is still walled off

They have finally removed all of the stage components from the Palace porch

Still not Batmobile

Empire Theater has been repainted

The boat on Joker Inc has been repainted

This is apparently now just a shade structure by Ninja

Jacob's Ladder game has been completely removed by Spinsanity

New flag design in the France section

Mooseburger looks abandoned.  Signs have been removed

I don't think this Fool the Guesser game near the Minetrain is going to return

Apparently this section is no longer Britania.  Robin Hood statue has also been removed

Xcalibur is gone

This is a construction zone by the way

This looks so strange

They actually have a wall on this side

They filled the ride pit in with concrete which makes me wonder if they are going to relocate a ride here or if it will be used for something this season

I don't remember the last time you could see that building in the distance from this vantage point

Primos is expanding and the layout inside is changing for better guest flow

Shouldn't surprise anyone by now, but the Carousel still hasn't returned

It used to be a joke that it wasn't done, but it stopped being funny a long time ago

In a strange move, they removed Dragon's Wing - the park's SkyCoaster

I'm not really sure why.  Just a strange move by the park

They finally finished the ADA entrance ramp at Screamin' Eagle

It actually turned out nice

Again, humorous that they started it before last season and here we are a season later

Several new fences in Bugs Bunny National Park

They even cleaned this place up

More new fence

So they took the American Thunder large marquee out before Fright Fest.  Again, we're not sure why.  It has been replaced with this .... planter?

I'm not sure if this happened recently or not, but the ACE roller coaster history signs in the American Thunder queue have been removed

Finally, the forced locker era might be coming to an end.  American Thunder, Pandemonium, and Mine Train now have cubbies on their platforms.  The only holdout is Batman.  Not sure about Boss, it was closed for maintenance (board replacement) still.