April 22, 2023

World Update pt5 (WOF)


Headed into the Wild West section.
The Prospector Cantina looks amazing 

The Depot received a new color scheme

Country Junction received some upgrades

As mentioned earlier, the road between Detonator and Mamba is no longer available to the public

Detonator received a new sign

Tower 1 was having a lot of issues today.  Tower 2 worked fine though

New darker red color for the Detonator games building

New look for these two stands

Upgraded look and amenities for the rocking chair porch

Love the wagon, boxes and barrels that were added near Mustang Runner

Upgraded looks here.  Apparently this will be home to a gun fight this summer

This restaurant is currently not being used.  They have done upgrades to it though, so maybe it will be a festival food location