April 30, 2023

Park Update (SFSTL)


The bathroom trailer is still here ...

because the front gate restrooms are still not ready

yep.  both sides of the gate

Let's check out the progress on the Main Street Market

Like the new sign here

Refreshed awning here

The rest of the store is now open

Looks a lot better.

They have put tables where the Jacob's Ladder game used to be

They have walled off the former dining area was for The Outpost

Very odd.  Looking over the fence nothing seemed to be happening so we're not sure what this is about.

We've heard that the Cinco de Mayo event will be taking place here

Still nothing happening here.  Just another empty ride platform in the park

Crane games have replaced two skill games near Pandemonium

The basketball game received a new look

The expanded Primo's is now open

The expanded ordering area

New indoor dining

It actually looks like they might be doing some work on the carousel base

Not sure what is going on here near Marvin's Rocket Ship in the kiddie area

We finally have an opening day for Thunder River

More arcade games replacing skill games.