April 22, 2023

Zambezi Zinger (WOF)


The new Zambezi Zinger is still under construction at Worlds of Fun

Starting off with the queue building, they have opened up the building back to its original form.  Here you can see a new window with covering

There is a similar window on this side of the entrance as well.  You can also see what appears to be the start of queue lines being put in - and the opposite of the building appears to be completely open

Another big change here is the color of the building.  It is now a yellowish color where as before it was a dark grey with dark brown accents

This is the exit pathway and more than likely the entrance for Fast Lane which is said to connect to the main queue near the station

Speaking of the station, here it is.  The coloring on the building, along with the roof, is a major upgrade from other coasters in the African section with regards to theme.

We mentioned queue earlier and here you can see how the queue line goes under the first drop out of the station up to the far side where you will load the trains.  You will then exit on the side closest to Boomerang

Time to look at the actual coaster.  For all intents and purposes the circuit has been completed.  Today they were focusing on the installation of the drive tires on the spiral lift

It appears that all of the tires are in place and now they are tightening them down before the adjust phase of the project

GCI promises that the coaster will still be able to operate in moist conditions, which have been a common problem for several tire driven coasters already in existence

Here's the entrance to the spiral lift

It is interesting the transition from the Titan track to regular wooden track on the first drop

Panning out you can see the entire first portion of the ride

The first major turn around after the initial first drop.  You can see here they are still applying lumber to this area.  They will also need to put the finishing metal running pad on this section before it is done

This section leading up into the curve around the spiral lift still has a long way to go

Here you can see that they still need to apply several more layers of lumber for the track

Here's a different look at that section

The curve around the spiral lift is all Titan track

After going around that curve you leap over the train tracks before navigating the back half of the ride

Back to the first drop.  It is higher and steeper than the original Zambezi Zinger

They were doing work on the drop today

This gives a good idea of how steep that first drop is

The back half of the ride is visible through the trees from Prowler.  Here you can see the tunnel and the jump over the train tracks

We are predicting this will be the sleeper hit of the summer.
Are you going to make it out to Worlds of Fun this season to try out the new Zambezi Zinger?