April 22, 2023

Worlds Update pt4 (WOF)



A new handrail has been added to the fence leading up to Europa

New marquee sign for the area

Some very cool graphics have been added to the side of Moulin Rouge

They even put the logo on the doors

This will quickly become an Instagram wall once it is discovered

The front of the theatre.  Love the new look

Shows start later this season

Deja Vu is still having work done.  Like the new color scheme

New plaza area with a nice new fountain

Really classes the area up

Not sure what will become of this old restaurant.

They did do detail work on the seating area though, so maybe it will reopen

Le Taxi Tour received a major cosmetic makeover

Really like the new marquee sign

Flying Dutchman also received a new sign and some concrete work on the ride pad

Falcon's Flight is currently still standing but has been slated for removal

New sign and colors on the restroom

New sign and colors on the quick service stand

Autobahn received a major cosmetic makeover as well

Still no marquee, but I am sure that is coming

Really like these details that were added

This side of the land has the same style of sign as over by Moulin Rouge