June 15, 2023

Six Flags over Georgia


Park 14 on our Eastcoaster 2023 Road Trip brings us to Six Flags over Georgia

We started off the day with Twisted Cyclone.  This smaller RMC packs a slight punch and is the perfect RMC for beginners

Next we walked across the main street area to Georgia Scorcher, the park's B&M stand up

Dare Devil Dive was next.  This eurofighter features a unique flying V design for 6 passengers.  Due to this design choice, the coaster has an extremely low PPH so we suggest getting to this ride early

Goliath, a B&M hypercoaster soars over the front part of the park.  This coaster usually is a people eater but for some reason is only running one train today making artifically long lines.

Heading down into the Gotham City area of the park we come to the Mindbender.  This is a great classic ride that was also the victim of only running one train making for the longest waits in the park

Batman didn't want to be left out on the fun and also was only running one train today. Because causing artificial lines is fun at Six Flags

Toxic Spin has a really cool decoration on the top

These Endeavor rides seem to be popping up everywhere


We of course had to ride the flyers

Then we had to do Justice League because we have an ultra competitive crew

Superman Ultimate Flight - proof that even a designed people eater can be run inefficiently at Six Flags.  Seriously they were averaging 6 minutes between launches.  One train ops here too 

Great American Scream Machine supposedly had track work done.  Funny, we couldn't tell.

Someone in our crew decided that we were all going to ride Blue Hawk.  They are no longer allowed to make any new decisions for the crew

So the back section of the park was really dead.  Their pendulum ride was down all day so there was no reason to be back there other than SkyScreamer

The minetrain should have been fun.  I guess most of us guys have grown taller since our last visit because we were all in pain

Not going to lie, this is the main reason we even come to this park

If you don't like Monster Mansion, you're wrong

Time for the scary part of the ride

Seriously if you don't like this ride .. what's wrong with you


Well time to ride Twisted Cyclone one last time and then head to the better RMC in town.