July 8, 2017

Morey's Piers - Surfside Pier

 Welcome to Surfside Pier.

 Double-Decker Carousel


 This pier has a lot of kiddie rides.


 "IT" - this was a lot fun and I think rivals the forces of the bigger versions.

 Dante's Dungeon is a ride through haunted house.

 KONG - flyers on top of an elevated platform.

AtmosFEAR! - drop tower

 Rock and Roll

Cygnus X-1


 Zoom Phloom is the pier's log flume ride.

 This ride features two full length drops.

 It also goes under the boardwalk.

 Doo Wopper is the pier's mouse style coaster.

 The coaster features 50's style car themed carts.

 The main attraction on this pier is the Great Nor'Easter.

 This Vekoma SLC coaster recently received new trains which feature the new vest style restraint.  This makes the ride much more enjoyable with virtual no head-banging.

 The coaster is intertwined with many of the pier's waterslides.

 It is really interesting how they were able to shoehorn the ride in on the pier.

 For all intents and purposes, this is a standard SLC, but it feels custom with its location.

 Never thought I would ever enjoy an SLC, but this one was fun.

The pier is also home to a very large waterpark, which I find strange considering the ocean is just a few feet away.