July 8, 2017

Morey's Piers - Adventure Pier

Welcome to Adventure Pier.

This pier is filled with the more "extreme" attractions.

 The Skycoaster allows riders to fly out over the beach.

 SkyScraper features two pods that get slingshot around on this large boom..

 Scream N Swing is a S&S extreme swing.

 Luna Park: Chamber of Checkers is a maze that features several rooms that you have to figure out in order to escape.  One room requires you to find the "hidden" door to move on.

 The only attraction on this pier that is included in the POP wristband is the CCI built wooden coaster The Great White.

 The Great White dominates this pier and actually extends beyond the pier onto the beach.

 To start the ride, the track plunges below the pier before emerging into the lift hill.

The coaster is pretty smooth and features some great airtime moments.

 Most of the course is above the go-karts track that is on the pier.

One last look at The Great White and Adventure Pier.