July 10, 2017


Welcome to Hersheypark

Upon entering the park you are greeted by a statue of Hershey's Chocolates founder, Milton Hershey.

Turning right you head into the Hollow, home of Comet, the park's oldest coaster.

This classic out and back wooden coaster hugs the edge of one of the park's lakes.

Next door is Skyrush, a hypercoaster that features a very unique seating arrangement.  The two outside seats are floorless while the inside two seats have a floor.

The coaster features a lot of very tight curves and several small airtime hills.

The setting of the ride is great as it circles around and over the park's lake.

Also in the Hollow is the SooperDooperLooper which is the park's original looping coaster.

Rounding out the major rides in this area, you have the Skyway which is a roundtrip gondola ride over the section.  It's a nice relaxing ride.

Moving up the Hill you meet the next coaster on our tour - The Great Bear.

This is a nice family B&M inverted rollercoaster.

While not as intense as some of the other models out there, I really like Great Bear because I was able to ride it multiple times and just have fun.  That's not always the case with the more intense models.

The Hill is also home to the famous Kissing Tower named for its Hershey Kisses shaped windows.

New this year is the Triple Tower which features three different sized S&S tower rides.  Kisses Tower (on the left) is the shortest and it is a mild space shot perfect for families.  Reese's Tower is a normal space shot that actually packs quite the punch.

The final tower is Hershey's Tower and it features S&S new circular seating arrangement.  It is a double shot tower which combines both a space shot and a turbo drop.  This is also the tallest tower of the three.

Moving into the Pioneer Frontier section we come across Trailblazer, the park's minetrain

Sidewinder, a Vekoma Boomerang.

and Storm Runner, one of the marquee attractions at the park.

This launched coaster hurls you down the track and up and over this hill before taking you through 3 inversions and some great airtime hills.  This is by far my favorite ride here.

The final big ride in this section is Fahrenheit which starts with a vertical lift hill and a 97 degree first drop.  It is quite the rush.

The ride then progresses into numerous inversions and quick turns.

Utilizing a smaller train, the elements can be a little more intense than normal.

Midway America is the next section and the first ride we meet is Wildcat.

This is a classic wooden twister coaster built by GCI.  I will admit it is getting rather rough.  If you do decide to ride make sure you ride near the front.

Across from Wildcat you see Wild Mouse.  This is just a good classic mouse ride.

New since my last visit is Laff Trakk, an indoor spinning mouse coaster that navigates through some very trippy decorations.  This coaster is so much fun, I wish there was a version closer to home.

At the far end of the Midway America section is Lightning Racers.

This racing/dueling pair of wooden coasters makes a great skyline for this section of the park.

Much like Wildcat, it is also getting rough - but I do love the two different courses of this ride.

Also in this area is the Whip.  These are always "must rides" for me when I come across one.

Back to Founder's Way - this is Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge, a shooter ride that puts two carts against each other to see who will reign supreme.

There is also a beautiful carousel.

Finally there is a Monorail which gives you views of the actual Hershey's Factory.  We will have those photos in the Chocolate World report.

This is such a great park.  I truly wish Hersheypark was closer to home.