July 23, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Today's update is courtesy of Stephen Duvall.  We start up by TNT - notice how the bridge to the station has doubled in width in the section closest to the building.

They have started to install the walkway on the bridge.  You can see how it is wider near the station and then gets narrower as you head back to the park.

The boardwalk back to the park is actually elevated as well.

It looks like the pathway might fork which I find interesting.  I am guessing that the pathway that goes to our left will be a ramp for ADA access and then there will be steps connecting to the the spur closest to us in this photo.

We're now on the pathway down to Echo Hollow looking up at the station.

That is one beefy bridge.  Just look at how thick that truss is.

They have leveled off the foundation and connected it to the lowest level of the building.  Also, it appears that the siding on the northern side of the station is about finished.

Down in Echo Hollow you can see the track through the trees.

It doesn't appear like any more track has been installed since our last update but there are several new supports up around the site.

Last photo of this update is looking back at the station.  Thanks again to Stephen for this update.