July 6, 2017

Kings Dominion

Welcome to Kings Dominion

Let's start the day by going up in the Eiffel Tower

Here's International Street

Looking over at Dominator and Planet Snoopy

Safari Village and Candy Apple Grove

The back of the park.

Back on the ground I started the day off with Dominator.

This B&M floorless coaster really... dominates, the front of the park.

Across the path is Woodstock's Express.

One of my favorite rides at this park is Avalanche.

I love bobsleds and will ride them when I get the chance.

This may be one of the last Top Spins left in the Cedar Fair chain.  I wonder how much longer The Crypt will remain in operation.

Volcano the Blast Coaster is the star attraction of the park.

This inverted launch coaster blasts you up through the center of the volcano and out the top before swooping and rolling its way back down into the mountain.

 Flight of Fear is a launched coaster that mimics an alien invasion by taking the coaster train through several loops and lots of tight curves indoors and almost completely in the dark.

 Intimidator-305 is the tallest coaster in the park

 Unfortunately the coaster is not very rerideable.  It rarely has a line for that very reason.

 Anaconda is the park's Arrow classic looper.

 Backlot Stunt Coaster is just a weird coaster.

 Drop Tower Scream Zone is the park's drop tower ride.

 The park has some strange decorations.

 It may look Mustang Runner but it's actually Bad Apple.

 Delirium is a fun ride.  I really hope WOF gets one of these soon.

 The park has a beautiful Carousel and you can see Americana Ferris Wheel there in the background.

 Rebel Yell is the park's racing wooden coasters.

Windseekers are a guilty pleasure.  I love them.

Ricochet is the park's mouse style coaster.

Hurler is currently being re-invented by RMC.  It will come back better than ever.

 Grizzly is a fun ride hidden in the woods.

There it goes screaming around a corner.

 The park's final attraction (for me) was the flyers.