July 8, 2017

Morey's Piers - Mariner's Landing

Welcome to Mariner's Pier.

This is the "middle" pier of rides at Morey's Pier.

 Musik Express

 Super Scooters

 The Pirates of Wildwood - this is a boat ride through scenes that feature 3D elements.


 Balloon Race

 Rip Tide

 Wave Swinger

 Waltzer (tilt-a-whirl).


Giant Wheel (156' tall), Flying Galleons (boat monorail)

 Ghost Ship is a walk-through haunted attraction.  I personally thought it was well done.  While the screamsters were not great, the triggered special effects got some good jumps out of the group I was in.  I especially liked the air blast finale.

 Rollie's Coaster is a classic Zyklon coaster

 Lots of tight turns and small hills make up this coaster.

 The main attraction on this pier is Sea Serpent.

 The serpent keeps a watchful eye over the crowds as the train gets pulled up the spike.

 The boomerang element is directly over the teacups attraction.

One last glance at the pier.