July 3, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Today's update is courtesy of Sanduneride.  The photos were taken using a DSLR with major zoom from a Branson helicopter tour that flies near SDC.  The photos are amazing and a lot to take in, but we are going to try to break down some major focal points on each.

First I would like to point out that there is still a large buffer of trees behind Echo Hollow.  There is also several large trees left out in the actual footprint of the ride.  Not as many as we'd like, but it's not a "clean cut"

Next, we find it amazing just how "compact" this area is.  Down on the ground it feels huge because it wraps around Echo Hollow.  We are guessing that there is going to be a lot of layering of curves and twists.  You can see this starting with the track and supports that are currently up.

We also think that there are A LOT of footers on the hill next to TNT.  It'll be interesting to see what exactly becomes of that area.

Here's a better look at the area where the track and supports have been placed.  It definitely looks like the two segments are closer on the ground than they really are.  This view also helps explain the placement of the supports better.

Next we want to point out the very large retaining wall "horseshoe" that has been constructed where we assume the first drop of the station will go.  We are not sure what is going on here.  I am personally hoping there will be some thematic element that the train goes through.

We would also like to point out the structure that we have been following that has popped up on the hill.  I personally think this will be for the launch(es) but there might be more to it.

Finally we cannot get over the amount of footers in this area.  For such a compact area - they are everywhere.  It is going to be fun to see this ride progress the remainder of the season.