July 5, 2017

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Welcome to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA.

The "port of entry" for the park is the England section.

While there are no rides in this area (and why are there no rides in this area) there is a very large theatre themed as the Globe Theatre.

Since the rest of the park was not open yet, I took a spin on Grover's Alpine Express.  It was actually pretty fun.

Heading into the Italy section, we come across Escape from Pompeii.  This themed Shoot 'd Chutes ride features a lot of fire effects in the upper building before sending riders down.

Tempesto is a 3-launch coaster that sends you through some interesting elements.

That roll up in the air is pretty unnerving when you are up there.

Apollo's Chariot (which is extremely hard to photograph) is the park's tallest coaster.

Italy is home to the most flat rides in the park.  This is Tradewinds.

The teacups are called Turkish Delight.

Battering Ram

Da Vinci's Cradle (isn't this area of the park beautiful)

Italy is probably the most photographic hamlet in the park.

Heading into Germany you get a great view of the Rhine River and several of the big coasters.

Germany is home to Verbolten.

Verbolten is a launched coaster that takes you into the Black Forest where you encounter a section of drop track before being launched again.

The finale takes you down into a swoop on the Rhine River much like the famed Big Bad Wolf used to do (though it is not even close to being the same).

Mach Tower is the park's drop tower.

Der Wirbelwind is the park's wave carousel ride.

Festhaus is the home to the Oktoberfest show.

The Curse of DarKastle is a multi-sensory ride that incorporates 3D screens with actual set pieces to put you into the attraction.

The beauty of the this park is unreal.

Alpengeist sets on the far edge of the Germany hamlet.

This B&M inverted coaster that towers over this section of the park.

It truly is one of the most aggressive inverted coasters I have ridden.

The newest addition to the park, InvadR is located in the New France section.

This family coaster was built by Great Coasters.

It features several smaller hills which are perfect for all ages.

It really dominates the hillside around Le Scoot.

The younger family members are going to love this ride.

Next door is Le Scoot, a log flume ride that will get you soaked.  I think it's impossible to stay dry.

Towering over the park is Griffon.

This dive coaster has seats 10 wide.  It's a monster.

The ride ends with a splash down.

The oldest coaster in the park is Loch Ness Monster.

It is best known for its famous interlocking loops.

This is an amazing park - sure wish it was a lot closer to home.