June 15, 2021

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Galaxy's Edge


Welcome to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios

This is the Black Spire Spaceport on the planet Batuu

The architecture definitely feels like it is from another planet

You really need to take your time in this land just to soak everything in

This is the market place

You'll find everything you never knew you needed here

Do you need a droid?  You can build one here

All sorts of land speeders here as well

On the outskirts of town you can see Resistance ships

Good thing the First Order hasn't spotted them

Occasionally you might spot a character or two from the saga

Rey was busy working on ships when we spotter her

The First Order has a large presence here in Black Spire

This cannot be good

Kylo Ren makes an appearance.  He doesn't seem to be in a very good mood today

This stand sells blue and green milk

We tried both.  The blue milk has a more berry taste and the green milk is more citrus.  Of the two, I think I preferred the blue milk more

Time for some food

The drink is a Tattoine Sunset.  The two entrees are both Ronto Raps

This is Fried Endorian Chicken Tip Yip with Roasted Vegetables Mashed Potatoes

One of the main attractions in the land is Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run

The queue line is fascinating.  There's lots of things to look at

It also gives you great views of the top of the Millennium Falcon

Here we are getting our orders for the upcoming flight

The famous game table on the Millennium Falcon - our advice is to let the Wookiee win

Heading to the cockpit

This is an interactive ride and each time you ride you will have a different experience based on who is riding with you (and their ability level)

This is definitely a magical place - we have one last attraction in this land to check out before we depart