June 24, 2021

Oceans of Fun


We finally made it to Oceans of Fun this season

The park had a lot of things closed.  For example the bucket was not working at Paradise Falls

At Shark's Revenge, only ONE slide was open (the straight drop).  The other two (double down and Constrictor) never did open.  At Predator's Plunge only ONE slide was open and it only opened late afternoon

They made the deep end shallow at Surf City USA wavepool

So no tubes allowed and really pathetic waves

Hurricane Falls continues to demand the longest lines at the park

Since there are no tubes allowed at the wavepool, there is plenty at Caribbean Cooler

The new Riptide Raceway is a lot of fun and is a real people eater.

Typhoon is still a lot of fun, but we wonder how much longer it will be around

Aruba Tuba still confuses park guests.  No, you cannot use a double tube on both slides

Coconut Cove was surprisingly sparsely populated today.  Probably because of the crazy reservation program making it difficult to actually visit the park

Last ride of the day is Monsoon - which is now strictly an Oceans of Fun ride.  You cannot board the ride unless you have a reservation to OOF.  Rerides are near impossible since you have to go all the way back through the OOF entry and gift shop to return to the park.