June 12, 2021

Aquatica Orlando


Welcome to Aquatica Orlando

The park has a Austrailian / New Zealand theme to it

One of the marquee attractions at the park is Dolphin Plunge

This is the iconic waterslide that takes you through a pool of dolphins

Well there are also sharks in there too

While it sounds really cool to "slide" through a dolphin pool, you actually go through that section very quickly and the water sprays up into your face making it pretty hard to see

So if you want a better view of the dolphins you can go to the viewing area or...

you can float by a viewing area on the Loggerhead Lane lazy river which has underwater viewing of both the dolphin pool and a coral fish pool

Riders on the Loggerhead Lane lazy river also has access to this slide complex

Tassie's Twisters is a set of bowl slides that empty riders right back into Loggerhead Lane.

Whanau Way and Omaka Rocka share a slide tower but offer separate queues (and experiences)

The four colorful slides are Whanau Way.  They require dual person rafts and feature a couple of curves before a double down into the catch pool.  Omaka Rocka is a set of 2 slides that uses single rafts (though they are funky looking) and takes riders through 3 rocker balls which send the rafts back and forth before sending them on down the slide.

Kare Kare Curl is a clover leaf raft wave slide.  There's really nothing overly special about it and I question the long lines that it demands.

There are two connected wave pools at the park.  Cutback Cove (moderate waves) and Big Surf Shores (more extreme waves).

Ibu's Breakaway Falls is a set of 4 bodyslides.

The slides are over 80 feet tall.  Three of the slides feature drop door launches and the fourth is a traditional launch.  All four have similar layouts.

The park has a second river attraction called Roa's Rapids which I would classify as an "adventure river"

The first thing you'll notice is that there are no rafts allowed in this river.  However they strongly recommend all participants use a life jacket instead

The current is very strong and the there are lots of fun experiences along the very long route.  Just don't go in expecting it to be relaxing - it is very strenuous.

Taunmata Racer is the park's downhill mat racer.  It is a lot of fun

Walkabout Waters is the very large waterfortress

How large?  It has two large buckets.

Ray Rush and Walhalla Wave are the two large raft slides at the park.  They also share a slide tower.

Just keep in mind that you must have at least 3 people to ride.

Walhalla Wave is on the left and is basically your traditional family raft slide that you can find at most waterparks.  Ray Rush is on the left and features a large rocker pod before depositing the raft into the giant wave that you can see.  You get at most a back and forth before moving on.

Finally, this is Riptide Race.

This is the largest head-to-head racing slide in existence.  It is so much fun.  You actually will have the other slide be visible right next to you several times along the route.

This is a great waterpark and I highly recommend it.