June 11, 2021

Sea World Orlando - Sesame Street Land


Welcome to Sesame Street Land at Sea World Orlando

Many of the familiar landmarks from the show are present here

There are also statues of the famous characters for photo props

The main shop for the land is located in the green building

The famous steps from the show.  Characters will appear in the upper windows

There's also some screens with characters in the lower windows

These two were hilarious

There's no shortage of character meet and greets.  Big Bird is outside at his nest

Inside there is a rotation of characters, including Rosita


Count von Count.

There are many different family rides in the area.
This is Abby's Flower Tower

Slimey's Slider


Rubber Ducky Water Works

Super Grover's Box Car Derby

In nearby Nautlis Theatre you can watch ELMO ROCKS!

While it might sound cheesy, it was actually pretty entertaining.

The new Sesame Street additions to the park are amazing and I can only imagine how much fun they are for the younger visitors