June 11, 2021

Sea World Orlando - Shows


Welcome back to Sea World Orlando.  In this update, we are going to take a closer look at the different show currently operating at the park.

Turtle Trek is a combination aquarium and I-MAX experience

After seeing the animals in person, you get to go through a life voyage with a sea turtle in this I-MAX dome presentation.

There are a lot of neat visuals in the presentation

Orca Encounter is the newest killer whale show at the park

The show features a lot of the things you are used to seeing at Shamu show, but they are presented as "natural behaviors" and not "tricks"

This is the largest and smallest killer whales currently in the pod

Always a favorite part of the show is when the crowd gets soaked

You WERE warned

Seriously.  Every time I go to see a Shamu show I am just amazed at these creatures

Dolphin Adventure is the newest dolphin show

Much like Orca Encounter, the show features "natural behaviors"

However the show is pretty much the same as before, just now cirque inspired filler acts

Pretty fun show

Rescue Tails is a new show that features animals that you might not be used to seeing in person.  This is a California Condor

Spider Monkey


and finally a Skunk.

Definitely don't skip the shows when you visit the park.
There is currently no Sealion Show as they are closed for a revamp