June 14, 2021

Animal Kingdom - Rides



In this update, we are going to take a look at the rides at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

First is Kali River Rapids

Good luck escaping this ride dry.

The marquee attraction at the park is Expedition Everest

This are of the park is really nicely done

I really like the queue for this ride

It takes you through a temple and then a Yeti artifact museum

Looks like this way is blocked

It is an exciting roller coaster experience that features both forwards and backwards sections

This is Dinosaur

This is another fun queue area

Get in and buckle up as this time rover is going back in time to the age of the dinosaurs

This is Triceratops Spin.  There are honestly not that many actual rides at this park, however there are lots of different experiences.  Next we'll look at the animal exhibits at the park