June 15, 2021

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Star Wars Rise of the Resistance


Welcome to Rise of the Resistance.  This is next level of amusement park attractions

The Rebel base is hidden so into the cave system we go

You can use this map to plan out our attack (or escape)

BB8 appears to be in charge

Rey appears

Sounds like we are going to evacuate.  Outside to the ship

Poe is going to lead the escape with the help of BB8

Time to load

Even though we have a great captain.  We got trapped by the First Order

That's a lot of stormtroopers

Tie Fighter

Now we are headed into interrogation

One of many cells that they are putting the prisoners in

I got a bad feeling about this

We've been freed and now we are on a transport to get out of here

Not our dino.

Looks like this way is blocked by AT-ATs

Must move faster

Up on the bridge of the Star-Destroyer

Weaving our way through the canon room

Kylo Ren is like "not so fast"

We make our escape.
Such an awesome ride and experience.