June 11, 2021

Sea World Orlando - Exhibits



Welcome to Sea World Orlando.  In this update, we are going to focus on the different animal exhibits the park has to offer.

Ray Touch Pool

Underwater Dolphin Viewing (this is the same pool that the dolphin encounters take place)

Sea Turtles at Turtle Trek Pools

Turtle Trek pools

Manatees at Turtle Trek pools

Aligators at Turtle Trek pools

Aquarium at Manta rollercoaster

Coral tank

Giant pink starfish


Looking into the main tank.  You will find schools of fish, rays and sharks

There is also a small tank of clownfish

While the ride is closed, the penguin exhibit at Empire of the Penguin is open

It is "winter" in the southern hemisphere right now so the lights are not as bright right now

Aquarium at Atlantis

Moon Jellies

Since the sea lion show is currently closed, this is the only place to see them

The sea lions were very talkative today

The Wild Artic ride is currently closed but the animal exhibits are open

Nice and cold in here

The neat part about this exhibit is that you can see animals above and below the water

This walrus was just hanging out

The seals were doing laps

The dolphin nursery is fun to visit.  These younger dolphins really are active and like to play

The Manatee Rehabilitation area is always interesting to visit

It is amazing how many animals Sea World helps annually.

The major animal exhibit is the Shark Encounter

This tank features an underwater viewing tube

Some very impressive aquatic animals on display.

We'll end this update with some flamingoes, but we are only getting started with our coverage of Sea World Orlando.