June 14, 2021

Disney's Animal Kingdom


Welcome to the start of our coverage of Animal Kingdom

In this update we are going to take a look at some of the scenery at the park

I really like the dinosaur bone bridge that leads into Dino Land

I do not care for this area of the land though.  Hopefully it is on its way out

Dino Rama is so out of place in this park

This is more like it.

A Mickey-Ear created by the sweeps

The park is really beautiful

Up inspired statues

The Tree of Life centerpiece is really something to look at

The trunk is made up of hundreds of different animals

I don't think it is possible to see everything.  I honestly see something new every time I visit

Again, so impressive looking

This park is just gorgeous.

This looks like a good segue to our next update - entertainment at Animal Kingdom