June 11, 2021

Sea World Orlando - Rides



Welcome to Sea World Orlando

In this update, we are going to take a closer look at the major attractions at the park

Manta is a B&M built flying coaster

It is actually one of the larger installations of a flying coaster model and it is actually quite intense

The theme and placement of the ride really add to the overall experience.

Journey to Atlantis is the park's flume ride that features multiple drops and dark ride scenes

Kraken Unleashed was the park's original B&M coaster

This multi-looping floorless coaster was really the attraction that put the park on the map for ride enthusiasts.

The second portion of the ride features elements

While it is the oldest B&M at the park, it still carries a major punch.

Mako is the newest B&M coaster at the park.

This hypercoaster really changed the skyline of the park.

Fast and full of airtime, this was a great addition to the park

The park recently upgraded their rapids ride to the new Infinity Falls

What used to be the tallest drop on a rapids ride (until SDC built Mystic River Falls) this ride will leave riders completely drenched

There is no escaping the water on this ride.

The newest thrill ride at the park is Ice Breaker

This multi-launch coaster was supposed to be open Spring 2021

However, like most new SEAS parks attractions, this one is still not open for some odd reason.