June 13, 2021

Epcot - World Showcase



Let's take a walk around Epcot's World Showcase
First up is Mexico

The expo part of the pavilion has a Coco inspired exhibit on Day of the Dead

Inside the main portion of the pavilion is an indoor dining area and a market place.  The entrance and exit for the lone attraction is also located in this area

The Grand Fiesta Tour staring the Three Caballeros is a slow moving boat ride that has some sections that look like they would be at home in its a small world

The main appeal of the ride is the three amazing animatronics of Donald, Panchito and Jose at the end of the ride performing their signature song from the movie

Norway is the next pavilion and it is home to Frozen Ever After

The ride takes place between the two movies and features some amazing animatronics and special effects to tell the abbreviated story that takes places in Frozen 1

Of course you cannot do an attraction themed to Frozen without using the famous song "Let it Go" that was made famous by Elsa in the first movie

Speaking of Elsa, she is currently meeting outside her Summerhaus for socially distanced photos

China is the next pavilion and is home to a Circle Vision movie

Germany is next.  While there is no ride or attraction here, there is the Biergarten which is home to an Oktoberfest show that is really a lot of fun

Italy comes next in our tour around World Showcase.  It has some interesting shops to check out

The American Adventure is the halfway point around World Showcase.  It features an amphitheater, an expo hall which is currently featuring a tribute to Soul music and the American Experience show. 

The American Experience is a large scale animatronic production that is hosted by Ben Franklin and Mark Twain that covers an abbreviated history of America.  The scale of this show is hard to explain without one being there.  It is huge.

Japan is the next pavilion

There is an expo hall here as well that covers different pop culture elements from Japan.  There are also performances by Taiko drummers and other ethnic demostrations.

Morocco is the only representation of the Middle East in World Showcase.  It is currently going through renovations which means there is not much that you can see other than this view.

France is quickly becoming on the largest pavilions in World Showcase.  It has two different shows playing in its theatre.  Impressions de France is a tour of the country.  Then there's a sing-a-long to music from Beauty and the Beast

As in the real country, there is an emphasis on food in this pavilion

Opening later this year, a huge expansion to the pavilion featuring a new Ratatouille ride will more than double the size of the current France pavilion

The United Kingdom pavilion is in desperate need for an attraction.

The final pavilion in World Showcase is Canada

The lone attraction here is a Circle Vision movie.  With that being said, there is a really good steakhouse that calls Canada pavilion home.

and that concludes our tour of Epcot