June 16, 2021

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland



Welcome to Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom

I had to stop by and see my bro at Cosmic Ray's.  Sonny Eclipse always puts on a good show.

The chicken tenders and fries were really good today

Time for some Space Ranger Spin

I got close to maxing out the score.... so close.

Astro Orbiter towering over Tomorrowland

Space Mountain is seriously one of my favorite rides

I think I like the Alpha track over the Omega track, but they are both fun

We have a Buzz Lightyear spotting!

The Peoplemover is the best ride in the park.  Fight me if you disagree.

Seriously, how can you not love this ride

It also has the best view of the castle

Tron is making serious progress

I think Tomorrowland has some of the best night lighting in the park

Time to move to the next section of the park