June 16, 2021

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland



The final land of our tour of the Magic Kingdom is Fantasyland

Tangled Tower ... home to the best restrooms in the park

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a great ride

I wish the ride was longer ... and the line was shorter

No one serves like Gaston!

Little Mermaid time

I don't know how you can leave this ride in a bad mood

Ursula is a very impressive animatronic

Does anyone else sing-a-long during the entire ride?

Dumbo is always a must.  It is a classic

Barnstormer is just fun

It is a basic rollerskate coaster but we always have a good time riding it

Mad Tea Party ... or as we refer to it "Spinny, Go Pukey"

it's a small world after all....

The ride gets a lot of hate for the earworm song, but I find it very enjoyable

PhilharMagic is a hidden gem

It is a lot of fun.  It is indoors in the A/C and you get to sit down.

Peter Pan is a lot of fun.  But why is it so popular?

Winnie the Pooh time.

Fun ride

Hard to believe that our time at Walt Disney World is already over.  It was a great vacation