June 24, 2021

Ocean Update (OOF)


Some major changes this year at the wave pool.  First off, the "deep end" is now only 6 feet deep.  Also, tubes are no longer allowed in the pool

You'll also notice that there is a fence completely around the wave pool.  There is now a dedicated entrance and exit that you must go through.  We're pretty sure that this is due to the accident back in 2019.

Chickie and Pete's is long gone and now Surfs Up BBQ is in its place.  It features a lot of the same menu items that you would find at the Cotton Blossom BBQ (minus the rotisserie chicken)

Finally at Coconut Cove, all but one slide complex has been removed.  Also there are fewer animals to climb on in the water.  Looking past the splash pad, you'll see that Buccaneer Bay (swan boats and canoes) no longer exists.