June 14, 2021

Animal Kingdom - Pandora


Welcome to Pandora - the World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom

This place is unbelievable.  Photos really do not do it justice

These are floating mountains

Everywhere you look is something unearthly

Check out the flora

This is the line for the Flight of Passage ride

A totem for one of the flying creatures found in Pandora

Cave art

The queue takes you through a bioluminescent forest 

The flora glows at night

The skull of a banshee is massive

Here is one of the avatars waiting to be synced

A mural in the waiting area before heading to the sync chambers where you will get to ride a banshee while using an synced avatar

Lots of water features in this land

This is Pongu Pongu

The featured drink here is the Night Blossom and it is delicious

The second attraction in the area is the Na'vi River Journey

You board boats and float down a river through the bioluminescent forest

It really is beautiful

A shaman bids you farewell.