June 14, 2021

Animal Kingdom - Exhibits



In this update, we will be focusing on the exhibits at Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safaris is still the best way to see the most animals at the park

The best part is that you get to sit down and be transported while viewing the animals

Hippo pool


These "upside down trees" always fascinate me

Moving out into the plains area


The giraffes were all hiding in the trees today except this one


Hiding in the tall grass

Looks like a party

Emu and a rhino in the back

Goats have taken over the headquarters

Once you return to the station, make sure you take the trail to see the gorillas.

There's another trail by the Rapids Ride where you can see Komodo Dragons

There's also tigers on this trail (they like to hide in places where you cannot get a decent photo of them).  I also like the bridge that goes over these large cattle

The Wildlife Express will take you to Conservation Station

The train is the only way to reach this area of the park

At Conservation Station, there is a petting zoo of barn animals

Since we are from the Midwest, we see these all the time, but the city people really enjoy them

One last thing.  Inside the actual building at the Conservation Station there are additional exhibits including these tree frogs and several species of snakes.