June 20, 2020

Rivertown Smokehouse (SDC)

Welcome to the new Rivertown Smokehouse

There was a long line during the lunch time rush

The light fixtures in the main entry way

You can see right into the preparation area when you walk in
The large smokers for the restaurant there in the back

They grill the meat right in front of you

They also have a carving station there on the left

Here is where you order is prepared.  You can see the pricing on the boards overhead 

There are also desserts for purchase if you have a sweet tooth

Rounding the corner to the registers you see the restaurants's logo on the wall

You pay for your meal and then proceed to the drink station.  They have attendants preparing drinks right now, but I imagine in the future this will be self-served

This is a 2-meat meal.  I got brisket and pulled pork.  It comes with two sides.  I got baked beans and mac-and-cheese.  You also get a roll with the plate.  You have the option of 2 types of BBQ sauce (sweet or original) and they give you pickle slices.  It was all very tasty