June 15, 2020

Sam's Fun City

Welcome to Sam's Fun City in Brent, Florida - which is just outside of Pensacola 

The main attraction here is the Emerald Coaster which opened here in 2018

The Emerald Coaster originally opened in West Sussex in the UK in 1996

After another stop at another park in the UK it made its way across the pond to Florida.

It was a fun ride and worth the brief stop at the park

The other big attraction here is the go-kart track

I had a great time on the course.  Lapped several other drivers

Taking a look around the rest of the park (yes it was actually open just no one was here) they have a Ferris Wheel

Carousel and you can see the station for the Rookie Track (junior go-karts)




Balloon Race

Bumble Bees

The park also has a small waterpark that was already closed for the day when we stopped.  We since we were only here for the coaster we didn't stay too long.  I think there might have been 10 people total at the park.  I hope that was only because it was a Monday evening.