June 13, 2020

Alabama Adventure

Welcome to Alabama Adventures - which is located just outside of Birmingham, AL

The park is divided into two sections, Splash Adventure (which is the large waterpark) and Alabama Adventure (which is the ride portion of the park).

The king of the ride park is Rampage

Rampage is a CCI built wooden coaster that debuted in 1998

When the park was bought by the Koch family, the coaster needed a lot of work

The Koch family has invested a lot of time and love into the Rampage to bring it back to up to its former glory.

We were impressed with how well it rode

It features a relentless pace through the course of the ride.  It is definitely worth the price of admission

Other rides in this area include the Galleon


Rockin' Tug




Isn't it cool how Rampage just looms over the entire section of the park?

Drop Zone

Leap Frogs

You have to chuckle at the merchandise and the play on words of the cheers from the two major SEC schools in the state.