June 22, 2020

Opening Day (WOF)

Welcome to Opening Day 2020 at Worlds of Fun

The park is looking great

Let's head into the Orient Section first

With the lower guest counts due to reservations, I actually got a ride on Spinning Dragons today.  It really is a fun ride

Bamboozler is looking great with its updated landscaping

Next would be Patriot

That new paint job looks amazing

Time to ride Timber Wolf

The coaster received even more work this off season and the ride experience just keeps getting better for this wooden classic

Mustang Runner is probably my favorite flat ride at the park.  I was so happy when they added a classic Huss Troika to the line up

Lunch was at the Cotton Blossom BBQ, the best place to eat in the park

After a great lunch, I decided to go ride the Gliders.  I was actually able to snap my flyer today

Next I took the long walk back to MAMBA to ride the "tallest longest and steepest coaster in the park".  Man have I missed this ride

Since MAMBA is on a dead end I had to make my way back to Americana so I can go into Europa.  There I had to ride the Flying Dutchman because... I'm Dutch of course

Heading down into Africa now.  Noticed the dead end (Boomerang is off limits) and walked past the topiaries.  The WOF letters are looking great this year

Prowler had some track work done and is riding better this season

Zulu is quickly becoming a rare ride.  When its time comes, I hope they put in an Endeavor to replace it

Sea Dragon has such a great setting

Its weird to think that Scandinavia actually has the most flat rides in the park

I had a great day.  It was fun to finally get back to the park