June 12, 2020

US Space and Rocket Center

Welcome to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama

SR-71 Blackbird parked in front of the entrance to the Intuitive Planetarium

There is a Saturn V rocket on display at the main entrance to the complex.  It really puts into perspective just how tall they are when standing up.

Most of the complex's exhibits can be found in the Davidson Center for Space Exploration

In the main atrium, you can find the entrance to the National Geographic Theater which presents IMAX Space movies

The main exhibit in the building is another Saturn V Rocket.  This one has been segmented to show the different stages that the rocket goes through when in flight

Here you can see a stage and its ring separated

Here is the final stage and the command capsule for the Saturn V.  You can barely see the end of the rocket from this vantage point.  It is a very long building

So Huntsville was nicknamed Rocket City because it is where the Saturn V Rockets were made.

Also in this exhibit hall is a mock up of the SkyLab

This was one of the first space stations.  Here is a mock up of the living quarters

Here is an actual command capsule from a used Saturn V mission

These are mock up of a lunar lander and a lunar rover

An actual moon rock brought back from one of the Apollo missions

Mock up of the swing arm that astronauts would walk down to board the command capsule

Outside there are a couple of simulator rides.  This is Moon Shot which shoots you up with compressed air to give you a weightlessness feeling

This is G-Force which spins you around to give you a feel of extreme Gs

Also outside is Rocket Park which features many different pieces of military hardware

This is a mock up of a Lunar Crater

This is a mock up of a space shuttle - it is not a real shuttle, but was designed for testing.

The rocket closest to us is a Saturn I rocket.  It is much smaller than the Saturn V in the background (its actually a good distance away).