June 7, 2020

Frontier City

Welcome to OKC's Frontier City

This is probably one of the most themed parks in the Six Flags park portfolio

This is Steel Lasso, a Vekoma junior suspended coaster

Here you can see the "social distancing" the park is doing in order to be able to reopen.  They are only loading odd number rows.

This is Silver Bullet, the park's Schwarzkopf looper

This is probably my favorite coaster at the park

The park's lone wooden coaster is the Wildcat

Again you can see the "social distancing" with only the odd rows being loaded with park guests.

The park also has a decent collection of flat rides, including Sidewinder


Quick Draw is an indoor shooting ride.

The park has a large ferris wheel towers over the southern section of the park

Tin Lizzies have a path that circles around the hill that the ferris wheel is located on


Dodge Em bumper cars

Brain Drain

Prairie Schooner

Winger Warriors - and yes, they are "snappable"

The park has an upcharge powered zipline that flies over the front part of the park

The park's train passing by the old Tumbleweed rotor ride (that no longer operates)

Grand Carousel

Last year's new addition was the new Timber Town section

This is the area that contains all of the kiddie rides

Balloon themed ferris wheel

Frankie's Mine Train is the newest coaster at the park

Diamondback is an old school Arrow shuttle loop coaster

There are not many of these left operating in the world

The park also has a Wild West stunt show

While cheesy, it was pretty entertaining.

Finally before we head out, here are a few of thematic additions around the park

It really is a nice looking park.

Had a great time at the park.  Definitely will be back.