June 20, 2020

Mystic River Falls (SDC)

It is time to finally take an in park look at Mystic River Falls.  I am going to work my way around the attraction to try to keep you oriented at what you are looking at.  This is right below the Giant Barn Swing.  This is where you will first enter the river portion of the ride.

This is nearing the first major turn.

This is the first turn and horseshoe bend of the river.  This is near the main walkway to get to Wilson's Farm section

Here is the first horseshoe turn.  The pizza patio dining area is to the left of the photo

Panning right from the previous photo.  Dockside Theatre is directly behind me.

I was lucky enough to catch a boat being tested.  This is taken from the Smokehouse dining patio

I was never able to catch a boat going down the drop from this side, but here is the drop with water flowing.

Panning right you can see the entrance to the queue building from the main entry pathway

The main entry pathway takes you right by the load station and is separated by that yellow wall.

This is the entry way to the ride.  You will climb the stairs and then take the bridge over the final portion of the ride.

The water has been turned off, which is why you are getting a greenish tint, which is actually just a reflection of the grey sky.  The water is actually very clear

One more look at this area before we move on

This will be the midway viewing area of the ride.  You can see the entry bridge over the ride in the middle of the photo

This rock formation will hold the ride marquee

This is the entry to the ride.  You'll notice that safety signage has already been installed

Now let's shift focus to the elevator and elevated flume

They were doing extensive testing and adjustments today on the elevator.

I was able to catch a boat going down the drop when I was in Wilson's Farm

From the Giant Swing queue you can see the tunnel that leads up to the elevator lift

A boat was parked on the conveyor lift that starts off the ride

The elevator moves in a clockwise rotation.  The boat on the left has just risen to the top.  The boat on the right is about to be deposited into the elevated section.  Once the boat gets to this position, a bridge section lowers, the safety bar that holds in the boat raises and then the conveyor moves the boat off the lift.

Like I said before, they were doing a lot of adjustments on the elevator today.  Here is some of that team

This has really changed the skyline of the Rivertown area

However at the same time, from the midway right by the ride, unless you are looking for the ride, it is still hidden.  This was a tradition that was started a long time ago at the park and it continues today.

Here are some close ups of the elevator from the Giant Swing queue

The next photos are from the train.  The crane is being used to hoist boats to the top of the elevated section so that they can test without having to send the boats completely through the entire ride

Yep, those boats have not moved since we were in the main park taking photos

Last photo of the day shows the holding area for the extra boats