June 23, 2020

Park Update (SFSTL)

New security scanners have been installed for this season.  You no longer have to have your bag searched or even stop walking through these scanners

I really like the new entry plaza logo planter.

The new Guest Relations and Ticketing building

This might become ticketing in the future if we ever get back to normal

Look how much more open the entry plaza is now

The removal of the old ticket booths was the best decision they've made in a long time

New store in the front shops called Coaster Candy.  It replaces the toy store

Looking inside (to the right)


and to the left

The snack stand has received a makeover near the Log Flume

The restrooms next to JB's Smokehouse received a new facade

Mobile Ordering is now in effect at the open restaurants.  There are still some kinks but they'll get it worked out

Xcalibur is back.

Enjoy the massiveness that is Xcalibur

So this is basically our "New for 2020" ride since Catwoman has been delayed until 2021 

They were doing a lot of work at the Skycoaster Station

New fences heading out to the launching pad

Interesting that they are doing this upgrade

The stage near Batman is sporting the new park logo

Time to head out.  Check out the new look of this building at the front gate