June 20, 2020

Wonderworks Branson

Welcome to Wonderworks Branson

The facade of this attraction is just awesome.

This is the ceiling of the ticketing and entrance area

After going through the turn style you get to go through this spinning tunnel

Pulley Power has three seats you can pull yourself up with.  There is increasing resistance as you go up from easy, meadium and hard.

There is a really cool XD Theater that feature motion based seating.

This attraction (sorry it was hard to get a decent photo of it) features a bike that you pedal and if you get enough momentum you can go upside down and around in a complete loop

Here you can pitch a baseball and see how fast you can throw a ball.  The other bay has the same thing but with a soccer ball

Speed of Light is a fun game where you hit the button that is light up and see how fast you can turn them back off.  It sounds easy but proved difficult

The Laser Maze was fun.  It is a challenge though

The heat scan was interesting.

The gyroscope was pretty nauseating, not going to lie

This exhibit allowed you to color a dinosaur and then once you scanned it...

...it appeared on the wall animated.  It was pretty cool

This is a giant sandbox that has a projection map on it.  If you made the sand piles taller it became a volcano.  If you made it a crater it would fill with water

This is a giant Light Brite wall.  So much fun.

These are rollercoaster simulators.  They do go upside down.

Remember the giant piano from the movie "BIG" with Tom Hanks?  They have one here.

This is one of those pin board things where you push in and leave an imprint.  I'm not sure this person's imprint is appropriate for all audiences.

This is a legit bed of nails.  It is not comfortable.

You can make giant bubbles in this exhibit.  Yes it was a lot of fun

Time to enter the Art Gallery

This is a Lego model of the Wonderworks that is in Orlando

This painting is very trippy

Inside this box is a Tesla coil

I wanna touch it.  Shocking!!!

The Hurricane Shack features a fan that blows wind up to 74mph and you get to stand in it

These are Titanic decks at different times during the sinking

Want to try on a Space Suit?  Go for it with this photo op

The Laser Tag area was a lot of fun.  It is actually pretty good sized

There is a pretty good climbing wall as well.  There's varying degrees of difficulty

This is a great attraction.  There's plenty for the entire family to do.