June 2, 2020

Crystal Falls

Welcome to Magic Springs' waterpark - Crystal Falls

The park has a nice sized wave pool that they call the Crystal Cove Wave Pool

Bear Cub Bend activity pool

 High Sierra Tower - there are four tube slides in this complex.  The green and navy slides are completely in the dark whereas the red and yellow ones are open.

7 Falls is a complex of 4 tube slides and 3 body slides.  The tube slides feature 2 bowls (they're basically mirror images of each other) and then the red and yellow slides feature open and tunnel sections with pretty good air time drops.  The body slides feature enclosed and then down hill open sections.

Rapid Falls Raceway is a 6 lane down hill mat racing slide

Boogie Blast is one of the Midwest's only boogie board attractions.

Here is a look at the newer section of the park.  The activity pool in front is called Crystal Lagoon