June 20, 2020


Welcome to the a NEW Year of Thrills and Fun at Silver Dollar City

As always, I started the season off with a Blast on my favorite coaster at the park - PowerKeg

This coaster still consistently gives me butterflies in the stomach during the launch

Next I ventured down the hill from PowderKeg to Fire in the Hole.  The coaster has received some work during the extended off season.  Much smoother drop transitions and it appears that most of the sound and lighting is working

Since we are in the area, let's hit up Wildfire next

Just a little bit of a line today.  They actually sent us upstairs into the extended queue

It was worth the wait though because it doesn't get much better than the view on Wildfire

Continuing our way around the park, next up was Outlaw Run

Front row seats are always the best on this wild wooden coaster

We rode the Giant Swing next.  It took awhile to get on due to the strange new seating set up

We stopped in and watched our friends perform in the Dockside Theatre.  It had been way too long since we had visited with the members of the Sons of the Silver Dollar in person

Fire Fall was open, so we decided to ride it next

Next we stopped in at Flooded Mine to see our favorite mechanic

The Mine is looking pretty good right now

I had a good gun.  This might be my highest score ever

Next we went to Time Traveler where we tried to turn back time to when the world was a little less crazy all around

The drop still gets me

I don't think I ever faced forward the entire ride

I decided to ride ThuNderaTion next.  No one else in my group would ride with me

There are some major bumps in the tunnel and the following curve.  It would be nice if the park would just retrack the ride.  It is a great layout and a lot of fun, but those spots can be painful if you do not brace yourself.

I got an "extended" ride on TNT - our train came to the stop at the brakes right before the lifthill and there we sat for quite awhile.  Eventually some mechanics came and checked it out, nothing wrong with the train, some error up in the station.  So we were released forward and got to finish our ride.  They gave everyone that was on board an exit pass - and of course I used mine on PowderKeg

The Saloon Show is currently performing at Boatworks Theatre.  You'll notice that it is mainly the same show from last year, but it has been changed to feature COVID-19 PPE sight gags

Here you can see the two in PPE gear getting ready to dance together

There are quite a few new faces in the cast including Charlie,

The biggest change is that there is no more crowd participation.  Honestly it works

Final ride of the day was a lap on the Frisco Silver Dollar Line.  Engine 14 had pulling duty today and did a nice job.