June 23, 2020

Opening Day (SFSTL)

Welcome to a new season of thrills at Six Flags St. Louis

First ride of the day would be American Thunder and it is running great

Log Flume was open next door, but only one side like normal

Mr. Freeze was only running one side today and with the added cleaning and social distancing on the train, that made for a very long wait

Thunder River was open.  Maybe it will have better luck this season

Colossus towering over the park

I love the look of the arbor tunnels

The giant has awoken from his slumber.  Xcalibur is back!

So because of social distancing I had to ride by myself in a cart on Pandemonium.  Boy does that make your car spin like crazy

The Boss was running pretty decent today

I have quickly become a fan of this style of ride.

Screamin' Eagle will always be the king of the park

Superman was running three pods today

Look who is finally open for a change

Even Fireball was open

Minetrain had the worst ops of the day.  They were running one train and then they would clean and send it out empty after each guest cycle.  Thankfully I had something to drink while waiting

They even had this water ride open today


This ride actually had the best ops in the entire park.  Those trains were flying out of the station.

Joker Inc

Batman was only running one train, but the lines weren't too bad