June 22, 2020

World Update (WOF)

Let's take a look around Worlds of Fun to see what's changed since last season.  Starting off in International Plaza you'll notice that the trees are much smaller.  They unfortunately had to replace all six trees this past off season.

Looking the other way, you'll notice that the stage is missing.  This doesn't bode well for having any live entertainment this season

New sign for Just Pizza

Chickie and Pete's is no longer open and the entire restaurant has been boarded up

In the Orient, there are new lanterns

Bamboozler had its exit moved to the other side of the building and some new landscaping put in

Panda Express received new walls

The fountain at Spinning Dragons looks great

Pagoda Soda is now Pagoda Nachos.  Because who doesn't think Nachos when they think of the Orient

The outdoor counter at Cotton Blossom BBQ will serve turkey legs and corn on the cob

The "umbrella tree" from Europa (last year) has found a new home in Americana

Flowers have been planted, but have not bloomed yet

Steel Hawk is not open.  We are not sure if it will operate this season

The trees in Americana Star Fountain Plaza are starting to grow in nicely

Time to go into the Emporium to check out what is new

The merchandise is getting a lot better

Definitely some fun designs

Sally Brown was doing a photo op at the entrance to Mrs. Claus' Kitchen (that's the only thing the building is used for anymore)

Bicentennial Square is still boarded up.  So sad

That entire area needs some new life.  Maybe a new coaster?
Some new tenants in these booths near Cyclone Sams

Still no train

The coaches were out on the tracks though

Europa landscaping

Since they moved the umbrella tree, there is a new bull topiary near Le Taxi Tour

The floral clock is looking great

The dinosaurs are officially gone

They didn't do a very good job painting over the graphics though

Fury of the Nile is currently down due to some pump work

A new structure was built to cover the soda machines in Mamba Plaza
In Scandinavia, Linus was out for photo ops

Another new structure for the soda machines in Scandinavia

All shops and restaurants now have these plexiglass shields.  This one is in Plaza Gifts

Some fun figurines

and we'll end with some photos of the new merchandise in this store

That concludes this World Update from Worlds of Fun.