June 16, 2020

Race City

Welcome to Race City at Panama City Beach, Florida

The park has a few go-kart tracks, but the best is by far the Golden Gate Track

It was a lot of fun

The main reason we are here is the Hurricane.

This was a fun coaster to ride

Oh sure, there are plenty of the same model scattered across the country, but that doesn't stop us from having fun on a new credit

It appeared to be very popular

Taking a look around the rest of the park.  There is a carousel and a mini-car ride



Wild Bear spinning tea cup style ride and Music Fest, which looked to be a variation of flying bobs

Sea Dragon

Scrambler - it had an awesome light package


Upstairs was a blacklight mini golf range and downstairs was a fun house

The park has 4 total tracks, including the Golden Gate.  This is the grand prix style track.  There is a junior track and then they have a timed lap track.

Fun stop if you are ever in PCB.  We definitely recommend