June 20, 2020

COVID-19 Update (SDC)


When you enter the park, you must past through one of these health tents

Here you will be asked medical questions and have your temperature taken.  If you pass you are presented with a paper wristband which allows you to proceed to the park entrance

Now I'm not sure if this is the "new normal" or if everyone just showed up at the same time regardless of their reservation time, but there was zero social distancing to speak of waiting to go through security to get into the park

I mean seriously

There were signs and dots on the pavement, but they were pretty much ignored

Once in the actual park it was easier to social distance the proper 6 feet

Most restaurants and other stores have specified entrances and exits now

Stores also had signs stating that there were capacity limits for that particular building

 Every restroom area had signs outlining how guests can help stop the spread

Ride queue lines start off with these large stickers on the ground

They then transition to these blue dots the closer you get to ride

Most rides now feature assigned seating.  Fire in the Hole allowed one party per train

Here is a good example of that new policy

On the larger roller coasters there were stickers showing which rows were closed

For Wildfire this was every other row

Again lots of signage around the park
And even more in the ride queues - this one was in Flooded Mine

Finally some attractions will not open this year do to an inability to social distance in them.  This includes Grandfather's Mansion, the Fire House Ball Pit and some activities in Half Dollar Holler